This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the requirements for qualification of a lyophilizer and validation of lyophilization processes. Since lyophilizer sterilization and sterilization of the nitrogen system used to backfill require separate validation, media fills should primarily validate the filling, . With Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryer validation, it is essential to verify that the system can meet and control to the different temperature.

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The dry product is much more stable than a solution. The reduced weight and volume is a big advantage and the removal of the water does not change the activity of the product. This removes the water content from loyphilizer by a process called sublimation.

These measurements are usually recorded with every cycle to determine when the product is dry. In addition to monitoring each cycle, freeze driers also require regular validation.

As freeze drying is a rather expensive process most products being processed are within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Companies often use freeze-drying to increase the shelf life of products, such as vaccines and other injectables.

By removing the water from the material and sealing the material in a vial, the material can be easily stored, shipped, and later reconstituted to its original form for injection. Lyophilization can also be performed in other industries like: A freeze dryer consists of three main components: Depending on what should be dried, the sample chamber that is directly connected to the condenser and vacuum pump is designed with an appropriate number of shelves which can be moved up and down if closing the vials is required.

This is called the stoppering arrangement. There are essentially two categories of freeze-dryers: The benefit of this container is that lyophikizer product can be easily reconstituted by simply adding liquid.


Validation of Lyophilization

Due to the fact that maintaining a high vapidation is essential for all lyophilization processes, the use of wireless loggers is highly recommended. Continuous freeze dryers are designed lyophilixer vial drying and complete filling, loading and unloading systems which are integrated in the freeze dryer design. This allows fully automatic and sterile manufacturing with in-between batch sterilization SIP of the freeze dryer. This will exclude the use of cabled systems but again wireless loggers fitted with low temperature multi-channel flexible sensors are recommended.

The SKY option can be advantageous if transmission distances are not too far. To facilitate this process Ellab has developed a range of temperature flexible sensors diameter 1.

The main challenges associated with validation freeze dryers are the low temperatures and the low pressures present. Usually the low temperatures can make it difficult for data loggers to function but. Ellab offers a battery package that, when paired with an appropriate logger, can operate at low temperatures.

Webinar Detail

The unique battery management system, the design of the logger and the flexible sensors make them suitable for most freeze dryer cycles, overcoming problems associated with the low pressure and temperatures. The ISO standard describes Aseptic processing of healthcare products in regards to Lyophilization. The freeze drying process is very delicate and complex so it is absolutely essential to be able to follow the process in real time.

The live transmission of data from all loggers placed inside of a chamber provides trouble free setup displaying accurate and instant process control along with documentation. The usual number of temperature measuring points during process monitoring could be as luophilizer as one sensor placed in a representative sample vial or tray per shelf.



Often only one Vacuum sensor is required. For validation of the chamber, the usual number of temperature measuring points is five for each shelf — one in each corner plus one in center.

As freeze dryers are often equipped with shelves or more, it is essential that the logging hardware and analyzing lyopyilizer can handle data of that magnitude. For process monitoring creating a Unit with exact positioning of each measuring point documented by pictures is mandatory when handling that number of sample valiadtion. Furthermore, adding it all into a Profile session including a Limit Report as well as a Statistical Report is useful and produces time savings.

For validation an even higher number of sampling points are required which is why using Sensor Grouping, Advanced Phase Statistics, Limit report and a Unit all setup in a Profileis recommended.

At the end of each study, valldation s can be signed by Electronic Signature sstored, printed, or distributed in a secure and locked PDF format.

Using the built-in calibration functionality, users can calibrate the Ellab sensors at regular intervals. It is recommended that Ellab sensors and probes are sent in at least once a year for factory calibration which includes a traceable calibration certificate.

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We’ll assume you’re ok with that, but you can opt-out if validatiln wish. Applications Industries Pharma Lyophilization. Flowers Animals Water damaged books and documents. Process A freeze dryer consists of three main components: