work of political philosophy by John Locke. 統治二論; kowiki 통치론; plwiki Dwa traktaty o rządzie; ptwiki Dois Tratados sobre o Governo; ruwiki Два трактата. File:Locke treatises of government Title page, John Locke’s Treatises of Government from edition Dwa traktaty o rządzie. 2 (Classic Reprint) autorstwa Locke John, dostępna w Sklepie w cenie ,99 zł. Dwa traktaty o rządzie Locke John. 56,99 zł.

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Sir Robert Filmer was an English political theorist who defended absolutism and the divine right of kings criticizing Hobbes, Milton, Grotius, Bellarimine, Suarez and Aristotle.

In the beginning God gave authority to Adam, who had complete control over his descendants, even over life and death itself. In his point of view the king is perfectly free from all human control, he cannot be bound by the acts of his predecessors, for which he is not responsible; nor by his own, rzazie it is impossible that a man should give a law to himself — a law must be imposed by another upon the person bound by it.


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