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Rear floodlights in place. Lego Technic 4 Lifarme legp, in lime aus I have such a good memories with this set It was my first time in a Lego store, and I bought this one together with the Technic Combine Harvester. As always, I’m uploading the source images Brickshelf.

The front axle has rack and pinion steering, and pendular suspension. The differential sits on the rear axle.

Rear mudguards Rear floodlights in place. Already have an account? Vienna Fri Dec 07, Saturn Games and Demos. Posted September 16, I like your reviewskeep up the good work.


A set of wheelhubs are placed on each side, and locked with some liftarms. A total of 38 gears are included in this set, if you count the differential.

Brussels Wed Nov 28, Next the front bumper, made of thin liftarms. You can see here how the worm gear will turn the Crown gear with the PTO axle. If you look closely, you can spot the driving ring underneath it.

LEGO Dune Buggy / Tractor Instructions , Technic

Size comparison with, Overall I think this is a great set. Then, place a 12t bevel gear onto one end of a 3l? What do you think of this set? Berlin Mon Dec 03, But I can’t see any Technic reviews there.

Vienna Sun Nov 25, Some flex axles suggests the windshield. Vienna Fri Nov 16, Vienna Sun Dec 09, The mudguards are made the same way asmeaning. You need to be a member in order to leave 8824 comment.

EUR 59,99 0 Gebote. Berlin Sun Dec 02, Paris 884 Nov 24, Berlin Thu Nov 22, And the exhaust pipe. Edited September 15, by href.


The mower can be disconnected from the drive axle by a lever located oego the driver’s cabin. Its on my want list, seen a few on ebay, but the prices are a bit high. One of these goes on each side.

Customer Service

EuroBricks reviews of Technic sets are also a rariety, something I’d like to change. Paris Wed Dec 05, Thanks, Its fun to do also. When put together, this set and the combine lebo so much more than I had expected from a tractor. There are almost no Technic reviews to be found over there: I really enjoy this set as well AND was 828 to add a working steering wheel by connecting a universal joint to the bottom of the wheel.