Stojan Steve Tesich was a Serbian American screenwriter, playwright, and novelist. He won the His novel Karoo was published posthumously in Arthur Miller described the novel: “Fascinating—a real satiric invention full of wise outrage.” The novel. The late Steve Tesich, best known for his original screenplay for Breaking Away, joins this august group with the tale of Saul Karoo, a wealthy, alcoholic. KAROO By Steve Tesich. pp. New York: Harcourt Brace & Company. wildly successful, Mephistopheles must offer the coup de grace that.

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Preview — Karoo by Steve Tesich. Karoo by Steve Tesich. Saul Karoo is a memorable creation. He is a successful Hollywood script doctor, a fixer of flawed films. He is fifty, overweight, a heavy drinker and chain smoker.

He is at an age when things break down, but he has no health insurance. His separation karo his wife, Dinah, has become another form of marriage. His relationship with his son, Billy, a college student, is one o Saul Karoo is a memorable creation. His relationship with his son, Billy, a college student, is one of pure avoidance.

He cannot free himself from the grip tesicu the powerful trsich Jay Cromwell, who wants him to recut the last great film of the legendary director Arthur Houseman and make it more commercial. After seeing the film, Karoo considers refusing the job. But he soon becomes obsessed with Leila Miller, an unknown actress whom he has spotted in a small scene.

In fact Karoo becomes convinced that she is the mother of his adopted son, Billy, and he becomes determined to track her down. Karoo finds Leila in Venice Beach where she’s one of thousands of Hollywood hopefulsworking as a waitress and haunted by the memory of the baby she gave up for adoption. Karoo falls in love with her, and in the grip of his newfound devotion uses every cheap screenwriter’s trick to change Houseman’s poignant masterpiece into an outrageous comedy that will make Leila a star.

And, he plans to unite the long-lost mother and child at the film’s premiere. But Billy, not knowing that Leila is his mother, also falls for her and she for him.

The triangle ends in an auto accident, ce Karoo driving, in which Billy and Leila are killed and the recut film, becomes a huge success. Devastated by the personal disaster he has helped to create, Karoo winds up being hired by Cromwell to transform a journalistic expose of his own tragic machinations into a screenplay.

Steve Tesich has grounded his story in the highly recognizable world of New York in the late-eighties, a milieu of unscrupulous West Coast producers, fesich cleaning, divorce and fantasies of escape.

Karoo de Steve Tesich / Article Chronicart

Karoo is a haunting, highly human, deliciously realistic novel of decline, fall, and rejuvenation. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask jaroo readers questions about Karooplease sign up. Lists with This Book.


A pagina 22 dell’edizione Adelphi appena data alle stampe si legge: Ma come, una Smart? Da quel che ho appurato su wikipedia, parrebbe che i primi prototipi Smart vennero prodotti srevead agosto dello stesso anno il marchio Smart venne registrato, mentre il lancio ufficiale avvenne nell’ottobre Inverosimile, altamente improbabile, quasi certamente no. Nessun lettore, tranne i progettisti della Smart e pochi altri, avrebbero colto il riferimento.

Allora cerco il testo in originale: Stiamo parlando di Adelphi qui, eh! View all 6 comments. Jun 17, Brent Legault rated it it was ,aroo.

A pity that Steve Tesich didn’t live longer, didn’t write more novels. Instead he spent his time writing screenplays or fixing up texich screenplays that other people had written poorly.

Movies that, whatever their worth, lack the majesty of a novel. A novel like Karoo. The same thing happened to John Fante.

After publishing three little books, three time capsules of forever genius, books that were little because like a grain of sand dropped tesicj a sea they made no splash, he went to H It’s a pity. After publishing three little books, three time capsules of forever genius, books that were little because like a grain of sand dropped tesicch a sea they made no splash, he went to Hollywood, a place where they pay you to write or not to write or to rewrite or to renotwrite.

A good job for a family man. Twsich bad job for an artist, for a forever maker. That’s all I can say. Karoo is nearly perfect. I should have five more Karoosten more Karoos to read.

But I don’t, thanks to Teeich and it’s easy lucre. If I may taunt Tesich’s ghost with my opinions and a list of minor grieviences? The last ten pages of the book? What you see is the apex, the money shot, the big reveal before the fade wteve black? End with the words, And so he began. And though there are many, many, many brilliant lines and one-liners and turns of phrases, occasionally there are the lazy throways.

Lines like tesicj believe her eyes and waited impatiently and she has the audience in the palm of her hand. These just sully the picture, like soot on a window pane. Lose that one, too. Tear it out and tear it up. It is a tad intimidating and from my vantage point, it is pointless, unlike the rest of the novel, which is as full of points as is one of Seurat’s circus scenes. Somebody search this seve desk, if his desk is still intact.

Maybe he left something cooking in there. Maybe it’s finally ready to eat. If not, more’s the pity. Sep 14, Andrew rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: With this book you will hear or read rather the phrase “lost classic”, or “shamefully under-read”.

The book is so funny that you don’t realize how deep you get into the life of Saul Karoo, and by the time you do its too late. The pathos and emotion are so true and odd that the book is going to resonate with you long after you read oaroo.


Saul Karoo is a mixture in all the best ways of John Self from Martin Amis’ “Money” and any of the identity seeking narrators of Paul A With this book you will hear karooo read rather the phrase “lost classic”, or “shamefully under-read”.

And even as I type those words they seem sorely inaccurate. The book is wonderful, plain and simple. Jul 22, Rob Walter rated it liked it. There’s two reasons this book is not underrated. The first person narrator and protagonaist is a profoundly unlikeable, irrational, self-sabotaging tesihc cripple. Now, I know that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a good book, but the trouble is that the writing is just not good enough to get us on board with him.

Ds, he still manages to charm and woo the reader far more than Saul There’s two reasons this book is not underrated. However, he still manages to charm and woo the reader far more than Saul Karoo ever does.

That’s because although there are passages of wit, the writing in this novel doesn’t have the sizzle and relentless brilliance of Lolita.

Tesuch descriptions meander, tesjch action is less than crisp and the same point is laboured too often. Kaeoo second reason is that at some point the author loses faith in the power of his irony and drops it, so that the second half of the book becomes too earnest and suffers for it.

It’s a mistake that Julian Barnes or Martin Amis would never make. This could be a very good three hundred page book, but it’s too long and the author doesn’t have the technical ability to realise his ideas.

Jul 15, Mattie rated it it was amazing. This book was recommended by the novelist Harold jacobson in his weekly column for the Independent on a Saturday some years back. He said ‘Drop what ever you are currently reading right away and read Karoo by Steve Tesich’.

And I would recommend you all zteve the same. Apr 21, Ida rated it really liked it. A fascinating, disturbing book about a script re-writer who appears to be bent on self-destruction.

Steve Tesich

Tesich paints a picture of a deeply flawed man who drives away those who are close to him He is rarely a likeable man, although there are times when he evokes sympathy. He had me rooting for him, but knowing the outcome would, in all probability, be less than positive. El problema es que, de un tiempo a esta parte, a Karoo no le afecta el alcohol: Ya ha perdido la esperanza de que la gente le crea: En otro momento del libro, Karoo se encuentra ante uno de esos momentos que todos hemos vivido: El pez ha dejado de morderse la cola.