In this extensive work, John Yarker attempts to trace the history of Masonry and Masonic rites through history, proving its legitimacy through seniority and the. Buy THE ARCANE SCHOOLS OF FREEMASONRY by JOHN YARKER (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details. JOHN YARKER. THE ARCANE SCHOOLS. J YARKER. P.M., P.Z., , P.P., etc., Past Senior Grand Warden of Greece; Hon. Grand Master.

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Sanconiathon says of this Crysor: The Cyclops were worshippers of fire, Vulcan, and the sun.

A colony of these settled in Egypt in remote ages, where they introduced the astronomy and zodiac of Asura-Maya of Romakapura, and the pupil of Narida, of whose books the Indians claim to have some fragments. Want to Read saving…. The Yh-King, or Book of Changes, in its original form was about a sixth of its present extent and termed the Ku- wen, and is a vocabulary of the primitive cuneiform thus uniting with the other countries which used it.

The next great builder was Tiglutli-Pileser, B. Hindu spirit and matter. Because most high degree rites were compilations of older, independent ceremonies, Yarker concluded that these rites had no basis for claiming exclusivity over their constituent rituals: Heckethorn asserts that the Indian Agcane were the disciples of the early Magi, and that these Magi had put forth 5, years before the Iliad was written the three grand poems of the Zend Avesta, the first ethical; the second military; and the third scientific.

The sacred Mysteries spread with the various colonies into many lands and in the lapse of ages began to apply their traditional knowledge to their new home, joohn the supposition that their ancestors had occupied this residence in all time. Interesting though somewhat suspect account of the ancient mystery schools, amongst other. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The number seven is an important factor in their secret symbolism. And as Free Masonry can unquestionably be carried up to very ancient times in England, and, beyond, its legends yarkre Oriental schoops, what right can be adduced to condemn its traditions as altogether false?

A system of caste initiation does exist arcans the Hindus at this day. The faith of the old Akkadians was of a magical nature in which amulets, as in the Cabiric Mysteries, played a leading part. All the Joh Kings were initiated into them, and are represented as adorned with very handsome aprons. It has long been thought that some of these ancient wars were the result of a dispute as to the relative power of the two forces of nature.


The oldest structures which remain are the 54 pyramids, and the most ancient of these is possibly 8, years old, and may be described as a mere cairn of stones. Lik-baga seems to have modified Akkadian theology and was the crowned architect and apostle of Sin moonSamas sunBel, and Anu. It is further pretended that these Cyclops constructed for Jupiter a cubical altar of brass upon which the father of gods took his oath before attacking the Titans, and yarier this altar was engraved the name of Deity.

The eleventh is a similar account of the deluge to that in Genesis.

John Yarker – Wikipedia

They arcahe supposed to be 39 derived from the worship of Mythras, the lion being his symbol. The Sun was the Semitic, rather than the Cabiric symbol, and may possibly be indicated in the archaic hymn of the Akkadian victory of Hea over the seven- headed serpent.

It has been recently shewn by Brother W. The first inscription on the surface was brick stamped with the name Dungi of B.

Thank you for your interest in helping us moderate questionable content on Lulu. There is a somewhat remarkable Assyrian confirmation of the antiquity of the Masonic system of consecration to be found in the inscriptions. The 13 lunar and 12 solar months in the annual birth and death of the sun is a later and more complicated calculation of a year, though it corresponds with the annual revolution of the seven stars round a polar centre, which was what the Cabiri plainly commemorated.

We have considerably exceeded the pages with which we made the announcement to the public, hence the slight delay in publication. Both spirit and primordial matter are eternal, and in the recondite aspect of Aryan philosophy, all creation springs from the union of these two indestructible principles, which is Para-Brahm, or Deity without form.


John Yarker – Arcane School

We have already instanced the practice to-day of Babylonian rites by racane Yezids. Before any King, a dynasty of gods ruled in Egypt; the First of these were the 8 great gods, sometimes enumerated as 7; then followed the 12, who were produced from the eight, of which the Egyptian and Tyrian Heracles was one, and who ruled 17, years before the historian s time; Horus, the son of Osiris, who the historian tells us is identical with Bacchus and his son with the Grecian Apollo, ruled 15, years before his own visit.


Location of Infringing Material Identify each web page that allegedly contains infringing material. Humanity, of a sort, existed in that land, but was moon-bred, etherial, globular, gigantic, sexless, generated as are atoms by self-multiplication.

We wonder how this artist would interpret the following symbolic design upon an ancient monument?

By way of closing this chapter it may be pointed out that we have first a series of Mysteries, which amongst people who, living in hot climates, had little need of art, and confined themselves rather to speculative views of the creation of the world and the relations that exist between heaven and earth.

Amongst these tribes are the Gonds, sprung from Dravidians, who in early times reached a high yarkef of culture; in Chanda are the ruins of a palace and kohn with a perfect network of underground passages, which have never been explored by Europeans, and which, tradition states, lead to a series of halls where secret conclaves were formerly held.

The twelfth commemorates the death of Heabani. In the face of the varied authorities we have quoted it is not possible to come to any other conclusion than that the Cyclops were the primitive builders and workers in metals, and that their descendants the Cabiri were kohn we approach Christian times schoops religious and operative brotherhood which then became entirely speculative.

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The Arcane Schools

In the year 4, B. There can be small doubt that the Irish legend of Gobham-Saer, the son of Turibi of the Strand, who was murdered with his 12 companions by 12 robbers, is a vulgarised exoteric reference to the murdered Cabir and the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Archaeologists consider that the prehistorical nucleus was the holy-place, and that gradually other chambers began to be erected around aecane.

Anna marked it as to-read Oct 21, yarkker The walls of the tower were first uncovered and the summit cleared. These priests, or at least some of them, allied themselves with a red-yellow Schoolls race possessing great intuitive powers, a race of which the Chinese are a branch, for it is claimed that there were seven sub-races in each of the 3rd and 4th races.