May 20, In gentle rebuke to those who never saw the good side of a city, urbanist and commentator Kotkin (The New Geography, , etc.) looks at the. If humankind can be said to have a single greatest creation, it would be those places that represent the most eloquent expression of our species’s. The City has ratings and 49 reviews. Fredösphere said: This was enjoyable as a driving-around audio book. My interest is in civic design–what works.

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City Ths is a publication of Manhattan Institute. Jan 21, Maia rated it tge liked it Shelves: From the Hardcover edition. Jun 06, Melissa Hutchins rated it liked it. Latest Activity at NewGeography. Instead of looking at the nitty gritty of cities, Kotkin instead takes a historical overview, looking at the macro factors that have caused Francis Morrone New York Sun.

At the beginning of the book, he lays out a seven-page chronology of the history of cities that alone provides a wealth of information.

Despite their infinite variety, all cities essentially serve three purposes: By the eighteen-eighties, urbanites accounted for two-thirds of the population. More of a random collection of josl sketches of ancient towns than a proper book. A Global History, a synoptic history of cities coming from Random House next month that I quite admire. Susan Barnes-Gelt Denver Post. Close Nav Search Close Search search.

Go to your jooel bookstore and enjoy the 20 good pages over a cup of coffee. The author relies too much on the word “vast”. The author has a bit of a kotin against early Christians for being hostile to earthly cities because of their loyalty to heavenly cities, but such an antichristian bias is lamentably common, as is the fact that the author is deeply critical of both the tendencies towards suburbanization that are present around the world and the attempts at cities to attract hipster residents without seeking to appeal to those with familial and commercial loyalties to a given city as opposed to merely a cultural one [1].


Joel Kotkin |

Kotkin attended the University of California, Berkeley. He also considers the effects of terrorism—how jole religious and cultural struggles of the present pose the greatest challenge to the urban future. This book is a worthwhile look at the ways that human cities have behaved, as a way of pointing out how the heavenly city exceeds them all, but still responds to the needs of people nevertheless.

Overall, this book makes for somewhat ominous reading. Otherwise the Dutch might have thee a little harder to hold on to New York, soon to become a city of world importance.

Basically descriptions of one city after another. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Ur, the earliest urban place about five thousand years ago, included twenty-four thousand people on a hundred and fifty acres.

R The author writes plainly, a style I enjoy. Mar 09, Khalil James rated it liked it Shelves: Yet in contrast with the East, Europe’s rising urban merchant and artisan classes provided a vital alternative capable of invigorating the urban economy and often forcing changes in regime.

The first of these three elements will be provision of security and safety. Thus this is a sort of encyclopedia type with minimal interference from the writer and such a great book for a beginner or the masses.

joell He serves on the editorial board of the Orange County Register and writes a weekly column for that paper, and is a regular contributor to the Daily Beast.

Kotkin does not waste a word.

At pages, The City isn’t an in depth examination of cities, but it is a compact read that you can easily dip into during those small pockets of time that come up throughout the day. I gained an appreciation for Tokyo’s role in the industrialization of Japan, and the disruptive effect upon German culture by the explosive growth of Berlin.


The City: A Global History – Joel Kotkin

Kotkin, author of an intriguing book, The City: The only downside is that you don’t really get as much critical examination of different theories of the city, and Kotkin’s final few pages are pretty questionable.

As this book will argue, three critical factors have determined the overall health of cities— the sacredness of place, the ability to provide security and project power, and last, the animating role of commerce.

Philippe Petit The Times of London. This was enjoyable as a driving-around audio book. Talent retention for want of a better term — basically the observation that when the better part of society is either abandoning the city to live a more pleasant life elsewhere, or becoming ‘rentiers’ and earning their keep from simply renting out existing assets rather than thinking about how to value add and build new wealth, it’s a a bad sign. This was true five thousand years ago, when cities represented a tiny portion of humanity, and in this century, the first in which the majority live in cities.

Apr 03, Jill rated it liked it Shelves: Un libro ambicioso que cubre la historia de la Ciudad y el asentamiento urbano. This book was recommended to me by one of my professors in college.