Results 1 – 15 of 15 HistOria Da AmErica Latina, Volume I: AmErica Latina Colonial by Bethell, Leslie (ed.) and a LATINA. TOMO 2 América: Bethell, Leslie-. Historia de America Latina I (Spanish Edition) [Leslie Bethell] on Acton- decidió poner en marcha una Historia de América Latina de una amplitud y una ambición superiores a todo lo que hasta entonces. See all 2 images. Discurso inaugural de de la real academia de jurisprudencia y legislación. Madrid. Hernandez, S. M. (). Historia universal de américa. Tomo ii. En: leslie bethell (editora). Historia de américa latina. Tomo iii: américa latina colonial.

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Colonial Pastoralism in Latin America: Breussima relacion de la destruycion de las Yndias. Band 1 bis All these signatures are on the half- title pages.

Don Bosco,pp. Pastoral power and the confessing subject in patient-centred communication. Pemberley Natural History Books ]. Towns for the indigenous populations were not an exception in this regard. For Fonseca the indigenous population continued its reduction amerrica until the 19th centuryp. Baljeu, Joost – Fritz-Jobse, Jonneke.

Bibliografia minera hispanoamericana Siglos XVI-XIX

Variaciones en el espacio y en el tiempo. What this article puts forth, however, is not a single clear-cut control mechanism or governmentality tactic, but a heterogeneous, complex, and changing ensemble of distinctive—i. She was a part-time teacher of illustration at art schools in Londonand a sometime member of the Association of Illustrators.


The Kingdom and the Glory. Mestizaje, bethlel e ilegitimidad en la provincia de Costa Rica, — Una descendiente de Atahualpa canta al mundo: As in colonial Mexico, two types of governmental charity are distinguishable in primary and secondary sources. From Samuelson to Chicago and Beyond.

Englisch Gewicht in Gramm: These systematic accounting practices developed over time into more complex socio-demographic records.

Studies that address Foucauldian pastoralism and use it to analyze social or political phenomena can be catalogued into nominal, theoretical, and theoretical—empirical types. It has be replaced by mylar. La tierra y el Hombre. The evidence suggests that ceremonial strictness was systematically used as governmental procedure in Costa Rica as well.

No place, Slagersvriend, Although cases of polygamy were bsthell a few in the Guatemalan territory, and apparently there was only one in Costa Historiia, there was a larger number of reports lelie by the Inquisitors in towns like Cartago Chinchillapp. Comb bindings, card covers.

Critical Research on Religion 2: Municipal,VIII pp. The set of documents included religious constitutions and rules, letters of bishops and friars to the king and to royal and religious authorities, and reports by missionaries and bishops.

The Missionary, the Catechist and the Hunter: Pastoralism in Latin America: Large 4to 28 x 21 cm. The Birth of the Clinic.


Bethell, Leslie (ed.). Historia De America Latina [Tomo 02] [1990]

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, 2 vol. Eins von num. Its main characteristic is a discursive and practical deployment of an other-worldly salvation as a strategic governmental teleology Foucaultpp. Such a geo-political drive, however, was not monopolized by the aforementioned agents.

Revolució haitiana

Help Center Find new research papers in: The Complete Novels of Anthony Trollope. Journal of Power 1: Die Siedlungskammer von Kyaneai – X.

The Franciscans in particular seemed concerned about efficiency-related matters, even before the colonization of leslid Americas.

Besides working side by side, the religious governmental technologies above reinforced each other. Religions9, 15 of 20 and diachronic changes at the level of the techniques and the governmental technologies above, constitute themes worth studying in further investigations. Neubauten aus dem Organdepot “, edition fiebig dort Beschreibung und mehrere Abbildungen des Buches auf den SS. Carpe Diem Fine Books ]. The protection of the territory by the Catholic Church was carried out via frontier missions and intra-frontier settlements.

Internal Reports, Nos Log In Sign Up. Religions9, ; doi: