Highland Destiny By Laura Hunsaker – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Being that the Laura Harner plagiarism drama was going down, I honestly thought Kobo pulled it thinking it was her Highland Destiny. “Would it be alright if we just chatted? Talked, I mean.” “What would ye like to talk about my Lady?” Bronwyn still sounded unsure, but she came back into.

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What happened to the pissy auburn-haired chick from the beginning? The details of the Highlanders time was remarkable and you could tell that a lot of attention to detail was mad I have always had a soft spot for Highland Romance and this book was no exception. She heard his swift intake of breath and never letting her eyes drop, even as she felt the heat creep up her cheeks, she unclasped her bra, and tossed it on the floor with her shorts and shirt.

Is she allowed to reveal her secret to him?

Another Look Book Reviews: A New To Me Author – Highland Destiny by Laura Hunsaker

Mar 30, Dinjolina rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is Laura Hunsaker’s debut novel and one that I enjoyed. With her show girl experience?

The wizards take her back and Connor realizes too late that he needs to go after her. Those blue eyes lingered on her belly ring, and when they dropped lower, his eyebrows shot up. Since I’m from a generation of male bosses, I did a double-take when she recalled her cheating ex, who slept with his boss. Two gentlemen come up behind her and, begging her pardon, they kidnap her, dragging her through time.


Highland Destiny by Laura Hunsaker – FictionDB

I personally like more action, and felt that the book had more character development, I personally do not want to spend alot of time on their developing feelings Definitely reccommend this book for others to give it a try. We re-sized and re-sent. But they forget to go into highand detail about what that means, except they’re using her to buy time to figure out how to destroy the “dark lord”.

Feb 01, Jackie rated it really liked it Shelves: Not to mention the misunderstandings Mackenzie’s modern speech had caused them, my personal favourite being, ‘kickboxing’ – “Why would you wanna kick boxes? Dark hair, chiseled cheekbones, and a rugged physique so sculpted and manly that a hihgland cannot help but long for his embrace!

Highland Destiny was a delightfully charming love story mixed with just the right amount exciting Highland adventure and intrigue. Highland Hinsaker by Laura Hunsaker is an exciting tale of time travel, love, deception, and a bonny Highlander or two. My publisher and I have been working since November to get it back up.

A locket that, apparently, Connor had made for her but never had a chance to give to her. Although this book was not very original in it’s time travel concept, it had a special charm. Land before detiny sometime in highlanr 17th century to defeat an evil baddy.

Is she the answer to the curse that has plagued their lands? Can characters from such different time periods desitny a genuine connection? I’m taken back to happier places.

He would take her out riding and show give her directions to the Campbell’s and when Connor asked about her, Liam would say she slipped away from him and, under no circumstances was he to tell Connor desginy she was in fact pregnant.


She put a lot of thought, determination and time to write this novel,so therefore by me giving it a 4star rating,it’s a definite “HECK YES” I will read another wonderful well written novel by this author.

On her last day in Scotland, as she stands before Connor’s portrait, she is confronted with the full brunt of her pain. As the story moved forward, there are a few plot inconsistencies and some events that really required that I suspend rational thought.

Fine she thought, and pursed her lips.

Mackenzie Stewart is thrust into the past in Scotland, only to be kidnapped by an attractive, possibly very dangerous highland warrior. I only meant that perhaps you could send Bronwyn back in. About Me Laura Hunsaker View my complete profile.

I read this book in less than one day, and I never wanted to put it down. I have had this particular story on my TBR shelf for a long time and I’m so happy I took the time to read it!

Highland Destiny

Destjny grabbed her purse and dug through it til she found her compact. But, like Laurie told me I would, I loved him again in the end when he finally realized he was wrong about Mackenzie and admitted so to her and Connor. I like that kind of heart breaking addition to the story. My personal tastes are the ONLY reasons this is a 4 star and not higher: