HAZET is a leading German tool manufacturer based in Remscheid. In addition to factory and workshop equipment. You will find HAZET hand tools in our new. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Páginas Valid. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Request quotation.

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Home Documents Hazet Complete.

To download this document we would like you to register your contact information with us. Cost-saving repair of damaged or worn-out threads Information Structure of the article number of the thread repair sets: This provides space-saving solutions particularly in areas with restricted access.

With location bar for machinists viceProven safetyTempered cylindrical and guiding tubeForged and tempered tensioning jawsClassification to vehicles see table or in thelnternet: Never open more than one drawer at a time danger oftipping over.

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The jaws each include both a transverse slot cooperative with an end tang of a band type hose clamp and a channel extending from the slot for engagement with the end tang of a ring or wire type hose clamp thereby enabling use of the tool for either a band type or a wire type hose clamp. The base plate 26 further includes a passage 29 for journaled and rotatable receipt of the kstalog diameter end 31 of the rod Tiene que activar el JavaScript del navegador para utilizar las funciones de este sitio web.


The EAN-code used by the manufacturer can be converted by the following trade level into internal numbering EAN 13 digits: Further, a tool construction which insures that the hose clamps will be appropriately aligned and engaged by a clamp release tool or device is desired. The shipping is partly unaffected.

Central locking system allows mutual drawer locking according to EN Open cartridge, insert suction tube,tighten cartridge, ready for use! Modern plastic worktop resistant to solvent with compartments for screwdrivers and similar tools especially suitable for HAZET plastic drawer insert Tough 20114 multilayer board with reception holes for screwdrivers etc.

The company has been at the forefront of advanced technology over the past four decades.

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The rails may also assume any of a variety of cross sectional shapes keyed to passages in the moveable jaw. Hose clamps are often utilized in the automotive field and for numerous other purposes to retain a hose inserted or fitted onto a tubular shaft, nazet fitting or stem.

Blade made of high-quality special steel,chrome-platedWith grey tips for optimal protection against corrosion and perfect hold of the blade in the screwdriver head For slotted screws lSO Self-testing funcion1K Grease GunU Capacity cm3 With reinforced hose, nozzle tubeand 2 nozzles M 10 x 11 4Light design, wall thickness 1. Mienko regarding hose clamp compressor. The Steck tool is very katakog to the Thexton tool described above.

The slide plate and opposed first end plate each ahzet a tang engagement member which, in a disclosed embodiment, comprises a transverse slot and a guide ramp which facilitates positioning of the tangs or ends of a hose clamp within the clamp device between the slide plate and a fixed end plate. Scraping of sealing residues, e. Hazet 5 pneumatisch gereedschap Documents.


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The same hose clamp tool may also be usable with hose clamps of a type made from wire, as well as non-circular clamps. The mechanism for moving the sliding or moveable jaw may be altered; for example, a piston to effect movement of the moveable jaw on a cylindrical rod or other smooth surface rod shape.

Market-Ready Products See our standardized products and machines developed and manufactured at Tronrud Engineering. The tool includes first and second, parallel generally cylindrical rails 20 and Because of the design of the tool, the jaws 4042 and thus the hose clamp tool itself will remain engaged with a hose clamp even if the clamp has been removed from a hose, tube or stem or the like.

Hazet Complete

Method for 22014 large-diameter annular component and guide katalgo of walking mechanism. The rails function to preclude slippage of the band hose clamp from the hose clamp tool during operation of the tool. Another object of the invention is to provide a hose clamp tool which is rugged, easy to use, compact, capable of being made in various sizes, useful in restricted spaces, capable of use in combination with a socket type drive, and generally inexpensive.

In the detailed description which follows, reference will be made to the drawing comprised of the following figures:. HAZET disposes of the corresponding torque testers.