GFI Archiver’s MailInsights is an email archive reporting tool that can help you. Award winning Email archiving software for mail servers that reduces reliance. Learn about what’s new in GFI Archiver, the server archiving software for.

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Advanced archived email search. Losing or deleting an important email, file or attachment can be a nightmare, especially when you are away from the office. This information can help management identify which users are most productive and show you communication networks as they build within the company.

Are majlarchiver employees happy? GFI Archiver supports email servers that support “journaling. Businesses have the peace of mind that vital company information stored in email is in a safe and manageable place.

Archiving for productivity, management and compliance

Email is your biggest, most critical source of company information and you can’t do business without it. Discover inactive email accounts. January 24, GFI Archiver Retrieve items to archive GFI Archiver retrieves emails, calendar items or files depending on the configured Archiving Method as described in the table below: This release focused on requested fixes and improvements to GFI Archiver.

For more information refer to Managing the Mail Servers to Archive.

GFI Archiver |

In the case of e-discovery or data requests, companies can then use the advanced search features to quickly and easily find and retrieve the data they need. Because PST files are cumbersome mailarchive difficult to maintain, especially as your network continues to grow, GFI Archiver dramatically reduces your dependence on them. With the Phrase Search Report you can find and analyze emails on a particular subject or related to a particular project.

GFI Archiver offers you retention policies based on file type and sizes, and the Email Storage Report in MailInsights shows you what is being stored in the archive and by whom.


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Archiving options GFI Archiver offers flexible archiving options to suit your business needs; choose to archive everything or just the items you need via rules or specific emails or folders. Try now for free.

GFI Archiver offers flexible archiving options to suit your business needs; choose to archive everything or just the items you need via rules or specific emails or folders. Whether you are running OfficeGoogle Apps for business or Microsoft Exchange Mailarchivre up toGFI Archiver works harmoniously alongside, providing businesses with valuable additional archiving benefits, including improved email search, enhanced compliance and valuable business intelligence reports.

This can be done manually from any location on their machine, or automatically, by placing the files they need to archive in a folder synchronized with GFI Archiver. In fact, any business, large or small, that is using Outlook can manually archive emails regardless of where they are hosted. November 24, GFI Archiver enables companies to archive and manage their email, calendar mailarhiver file history in one place and provides easy access to the data when they need it.

In User Traffic Report when having large volume of users. Change in the licensing model. Archiving for email, files and calendars GFI Archiver archives emails, files and calendar entries. Archive emails and files in their original state — in a central, tamper-proof store — to help with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations. Call a Specialist Today!

Measure sentiment and analyze content based on user-defined key words or phrases. Boost your ability to meet compliance standards and be prepared for e-discovery requests by archiving all company communications in gf secure, tamper-proof store.

Get the most from your archive. Quantity must be 50 or greater. Archiving for productivity, management and compliance Get the most from your company archive with GFI Archiver.


Who is sending gf receiving the most email? GFI Archiver enables you to archive calendar items that contain important meeting information. The new version of GFI Archiver includes: Secure archiving for compliance Minimize legal risk. Business intelligence mailarciver Identify business issues, minimize legal risk and manage productivity by mailarfhiver on the valuable business data found in your archive.

Use this report to alert users and to create the appropriate retention policies and win back control of your storage costs. Email — and much more GFI Archiver empowers companies to effectively store and manage all their business-critical communication and important files. The Email Topics report identifies top keywords that are mailarchivre used and measures positive and negative email sentiment across the organization, providing managers with valuable insight into what is driving employee and customer email usage.

This database is bundled and automatically configured by GFI Archiver. Post install wizard assists you with configuration. Detect and manage the number of large files being sent by email The Large Emails report allows administrators to detect and manage the number of large files being sent by email.

Secure archiving for compliance Minimize legal risk. Searching for strings which contain the. Find and retrieve past emails, attachments maiilarchiver files quickly and easily using advanced search and restore features. Setup email retention policies. Others may be losing opportunities or damaging your hard-earned reputation by not responding to emails in a timely manner.

The search features have also been extended to calendar items and meeting requests, with a simple search box available solely to search for these items.