EC 1/2″ Standard Foam-Dielectric Coax Cable. MFR: Eupen Cable. • Inner conductor. Material: copper clad aluminum. Diameter, in (mm): (). Eupen 1/2 inch EC CableThe EC cable is rated at over kW in the FM broadcast band and will match Andrew heliax. $ Info / Buy · 7/8 EIA. EC, CABLE 1/2″ CU2Y EUPEN { View }. JG, DIN7/16 JACK IP68 1/2″ N. JG, DIN7/16 PLUG IP68 1/2″ N.

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Traffic signalisation and road marking Excl. You can also e-mail us at rfi rfindustries. How are companies ranked? I wouldn’t think twice about installing Type N’s and using adapters where you absolutely have to get back to a UHF connector interface.

RF Industries Introduces UHF Connectors for Heliax Cable

When I’ve had connector problems, it’s most often been a breakdown of the weatherproofing allowing supen into the Type N connector, but never the adapters. Get a login in order to download a benchmark report. White bronze is resistant to tarnish, but has high conductivity and low IM intermodulation.


Stairs, parapets and ladders Excl. Show construction sectors Hide construction sectors. Euen in bouwmaterialen, algemeen assortiment Top ranking added value. A Finance or Business Login allows you to consult official publications.

Cable eupen 5128

Ranking by gross 1528 margin. All my runs have Type N connectors. Just keep a sharp eye out at the hamfests and on eBay Choose other key figure: Figures recalculated to a month basis for the profit and loss account.

I recently acquired some Andrews LDF, half inch hard line. A paid login allows you to check the complete dashboard.

UHF connectors for Andrews LDF??

Most of mine has been on the air for over 20 years at two QTH’s and a lot of it was at least 10 years old when I got it surplus. Building supplies – handling machines Excl. Who or what are you searching for? I just made up jumper cables with N-connectors on them.

Do you have any euepn these male connectors? Seals, valves and cocks, sale and manufacturing Show construction sectors Hide construction sectors. I’ve got a couple of them. Update my company data. Belgium Turnover Staff Added value.


A Finance or Business Login allows you to consult social security data. Get a login in order to download company profiles in PDF. Any advise on my first venture into hardline?

With a Finance or Business Login you get the full dashboard, trend included. Company limited by shares. Manufactured with white bronze plated, machined brass bodies, these new connectors feature silver plated phosphor bronze contacts and PTFE dielectric. For additional information call us at or Indoors is no problem, and outdoors they are no more difficult to weatherproof than any other coax connection. Get a login to view Kanaal Z newsflashes on this company. Download PDF” That was from here: Piping and tubing, plumbing Excl.

However, UHF female-to-N male adapters are not expensive. Channels, piping and drains Excl. These connectors utilize 518 same installation process and tooling required for the discontinued connectors.