Populorum Progressio Our predecessors in their great encyclicals, Leo XIII in Rerum Novarum,[1] Pius XI in Quadragesimo Anno[2] and John XXIII in Mater et. On Easter Sunday , two years after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI announced to the world the encyclical “Populorum. Official Website of the Catholic Church for England and Wales.

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Their organizational experience should help them to figure out ways to make intelligent use of the labor of the indigenous population, to develop skilled workers, to train engineers and other management men, to foster these people’s initiative and prepare them for offices of ever greater responsibility.

Each man is also a member of society; hence he belongs to the community of man. Retrieved from ” https: They would not have to worry that financial or technical assistance was being used as a cover for some new form of colonialism that would threaten their civil liberty, exert economic pressure on them, or create a new power group with controlling influence.

Thus human self-fulfillment may be said to sum up our obligations. The cause is not so much the depletion of natural resources, nor their monopolistic control by a privileged few; it is rather the weakening of brotherly ties between individuals and nations. May the day come when international relationships will be characterized by respect and friendship, when mutual cooperation will be the hallmark of collaborative efforts, and when concerted effort for the betterment of all nations will be regarded as a duty by every nation.

Populorum Progressio –

It should be used for some mutually acceptable purpose and with reasonable hope of success, for there is no question of backing idlers and parasites. Read the full article About the author Dr. What We mean, to put it in clearer words, is that our charity toward the poor, of whom there are pprogressio numbers in the world, has to become more solicitous, more effective, more generous.

Emigrant workers should also be given a warm welcome.

Besides erecting sacred edifices, her missionaries have also promoted construction of hospitals, sanitariums, schools and universities. Let standard contracts with reciprocal obligations govern these relationships. The popuorum nations can never be too much on guard against the temptation posed by the wealthier nations. John XXIII gave a reminder of the urgency of giving everyone who works his proper dignity by making him a true sharer in the work he does with others: As an eminent specialist on this question has rightly said: In order to be fully effective, these efforts ought not remain scattered or isolated, much less be in competition for reasons of power or prestige: More important, a concerted plan has advantages encuclical go beyond the field of economic growth and social progress; for in addition progresio gives significance and populoorum to the work undertaken.


If further development calls for the work of more and more technicians, even more necessary is the deep thought and reflection of wise men in search of a new humanism which will enable modern man to find himself anew by embracing the higher values of love and friendship, of prayer and contemplation. All social action involves a doctrine. It must be avowed openly that, in this case, the fundamental tenet of liberalism as it is calledas the norm for market dealings, is open to serious question.

But it is unfortunate that on these new conditions of society a system has been constructed which considers profit as the key motive for economic progress, competition as the supreme law of economics, and private ownership of the means of production as an absolute right that has no limits and carries no corresponding social obligation.

We are the heirs of earlier generations, and we reap benefits from the efforts of our contemporaries; we are under obligation to all men. Their coming to maturity, which will be the result of education received from the environment and personal efforts, will allow each man to direct himself toward the destiny intended for him by his Creator.

By reason of his union with Christ, the source of life, man attains to new fulfillment of himself, to a transcendent humanism which gives him his greatest possible perfection: Such is the goal we must attain.

Finding God in Challenging Times. When it is more scientific and better organized, there is a risk of its dehumanizing those who perform it, by making them its servants, for work is human only if it remains intelligent and free.

The duty of promoting human solidarity also falls upon the shoulders of nations: It is for each one to take his share in them with generosity, particularly those whose education, position and opportunities afford them wide scope for action.

It is not plain to all that closer ties of this sort will contribute immeasurably to the preservation of world peace? In the design of God, every man is called upon to develop and fulfill himself, for every life is a progressio. On the other hand, we must also reserve a word of praise for those colonizers whose skills and technical know-how brought benefits to many untamed populourm, and whose work survives to this day.


During the colonial popilorum it often flared up between the colonists and the indigenous population, and stood in the way of mutually profitable understanding, often giving rise to bitterness in the wake of genuine injustices.

50 years ago, Populorum Progressio set the course for people-led development

We also rejoice at the good work accomplished in this field by private initiative, by the public authorities, and by international organizations. There is certainly no need to do away with bilateral and multilateral agreements: The poor nations remain ever poor while the rich ones become still richer.

For CTS book racks. Pdogressio the unaided effort of his own intelligence and his will, each man can grow in humanity, can enhance his personal worth, can become more a person. Address to representatives of non-Christian religions, Dec. It is not enough to develop technology so that the earth may become a more suitable living place for human beings. As he takes control over his way of life, he is stimulated to undertake new investigations and fresh discoveries, to take prudent risks and launch new ventures, to act responsibly and give of himself unselfishly.

Pope Paul warns however, that a profressio access to goods and possessions can simply swap one type of slavery and oppression for another.

Therefore we cannot disregard the welfare of those who will come after us to increase the human family. A humanism closed off from other realities becomes inhuman. An ever more effective world solidarity should allow all peoples to become the artisans of their destiny. Further, when work is done in common—when hope, hardship, ambition and joy are shared—it brings together and firmly unites the wills, minds and hearts of men. Finally, let no one, whatever his status, be subjected unjustly to the arbitrariness of others.

The family’s influence may have been excessive at some periods of history and in some places, to the extent that it was exercised to the detriment of the fundamental rights of the individual.

The resulting dangers are patent: The name of this commission, Justice and Peace, aptly describes its program and its goal. Third Council of Constantinople: However, if they were to be fitted into the framework of worldwide collaboration, they would be beyond all suspicion, and as a result there would be less distrust on the part of the receiving nations.

The Scale of Values