José Saramago narra el insólito viaje del elefante Salomón a través de la Europa del siglo XVI. Una aventura épica llena de humanidad, humor y sabiduría. El viaje del elefante (Spanish Edition) [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A mediados del siglo XVI el rey Juan III ofrece a. Buy El Viaje Del Elefante by Jose Saramago from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Our subhro enjoys his status, high above the army of accompanying soldiers like a capital on the top of a column. Knowing it will not spoil the enjoyment of it one whit, if you do choose to read it. Saramago was both a Communist and a famous atheist. Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize His use of language is as always beautiful, and his sense of observation unique and intricate.

You start jse fascinated, and you remember Saramago’s wry humor and wandering sentences.

El Viaje Del Elefante by José Saramago

This novel was relentlessly linear. In the middle of the story he may take a few sentences to ruminate whimsically about the nature of royalty or the use of specific language or even his own role in the narrative itself. It was about as exciting as it sounds. View all 4 comments. It’s not that I disliked it. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Solomon is coerced to kneel by the doors of the basilica, which puts the fear of God into the populace, which also kneels.

It’s not my trip, it’s in the book! Saramago’s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public. That idea, though not that exact expression, was in my mind from the beginning of The Elephant’s Journey. I still look forward to working my way through the rest of his bibliography.

View all 11 comments. Like any good grandfather, Saramago wanders from point to point while tell I had the strangest feeling while reading The Elephant’s Vaje – I felt like a child, being told a story by an old and indulgent grandparent.


The story is of the King, what happens on the journey to the officers who escort the elephant and at the end of the journey, the Archduke. So far, the writing is charmingly amusing, sly and pointed and wonderful in it’s own right, never mind the story which I am also enjoying.

Saramago wrote this book quite late in his life and I wondered if he had doubts or regrets about what he had achieved in his writing career or if he worried about the security of his position as the leading Portuguese writer of the twentieth century. Nothing more, nothing less. Do you know the way I didn’t wonder for long, as he went on to say: So far, fritz as subhro is called by the Austrians has been a vital character at every turn, be it dramatic or comic, even at the risk of cutting a ridiculous figure whenever a pinch of the ludicrous was felt to be necessary or merely tactically advisable for the narrative, putting up with humiliations without a word of protest or a flicker of emotion, careful not to let it be known that without him, there would be no one to deliver the goods, or in this case, to take the elephant to Vienna.

Maximillian arrogantly renames the elephant from Solomon to Suleiman and the mahout to an inappropriate “Fritz”.

Como ponto alto elejo a amizade cornaca-elefante. Is this a swipe at Sebald, who, according to some—Saramago may have been one—cheats by using photos?

For all my sifting, I ended up with too little gold in my pan. Perhaps not an outright liar, but clever and inventive when it comes to filling in lacunae; while describing the beauty of the mountains through which the elephant travels, and clearly never having visited the location as any writer worthy of the name would surely do he impliesSaramago wriggles neatly out of any precise description: Prvi susret de Saramagom Trivia About A Viagem do Elefante.

It is worth paying a bit more for the audio version than struggling through the written, never ending sentences. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

One bit of interesting subtext occurs when the Archduke and his cortege make their way through the dangerous Brenner Pass. He enquired about it and was informed about an elephant, back in the sixteenth century, who had journeyed across the continent and through the peninsula and then passed on into legend. A Latin text I never really got to grips with. This story then precedes Solomon along his route. The narrator was excellent.


If I had had to struggle through the reading myself, I am sure I would have given it less stars! In the hands of a lesser writer, this For all of Saramago’s stylistic beauty, this book still has the feel of a too-long anecdote. See 1 question about El Viaje Del Elefante…. The king was very sad but the queen refusing to be read the contents of the viqje locked herself in her room and spent the rest of the day in tears. It is a novelist’s voice embellishing on historical fact: All suggestions, my Goodreads friends, are welcome.

I loved the elephant, but even for him, it was no hero’s journey sel thankfully the denouement wasn’t like slaughter for elephants. He seemed to be as bored as me. Anyways, enough of my personal Saramago rating history. The major characters are the elephant Solomon and his mahour Subhro. A forma infantil mas pertinente como ele desmonta cada frase feita faz-me sempre sorrir. It is written with moder Yes, this is a book of historical fiction.

El Viaje Del Elefante

It was supposed to viajee a charming little novel. Riding through Portugal, and then across Spain, boarding a ship to cross the Mediterranean, then onwards through Northern Italy, the Alps, Austria, all while perched on top of an elephant must have seemed like a royal position in those days.

Read this book to laugh, not to learn of an historical event. Estamos regidos por D.