The Quantum Self demonstrates how developments in modern subatomic physics demand a radical reappraisal of our conventional model of personality. In The Quantum Self, Danah Zohar argues that the insights of modem physics can illuminate our understanding of everyday life — our relationships to ourselve.. . The Quantum Self. Human Nature and Consciousness Defined by the New Physics by Danah Zohar. Quill/William Morrow ISBN It’s hard to.

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Zohar wants us to drop the particle side to focus on the Zen-like wave side, yet her argument at the beginning of the book does not split us up that way. Does the new physics provide a basis danaj which our consciousness might continue beyond death? Sherbon rated it liked danwh Mar 24, It is not an easy book, and not for those who do not want to take the time to think and learn.

It could be that, while cells operate quantumly as she says, our bodies and minds operate more or less linearly: Zohar considers all the possible paths that a welf girl might take from virginity to married bliss. Wave-like consciousness relates us to others and the whole. Beautifully and engagingly written.

Open Preview See a Problem? Plato splits mind from the body or, rather, subsumes the body to mind.

Zohar wrongly argues that evolution is about particles in motion, individuals, and not the relational whole that is her quantum consciousness. This is what TQS is about. Nov 25, Stephen rated it it was amazing. We are individualized ego and relational wholes and here too we bump into the inherent tension between id and superego, and a Jungian struggle to find a harmony between the two. A Physics of Everyday Life. Zohar seamlessly blends quantum physics, psychotherapy and spirituality into an every day guide for living your selff.


Her Cosmic Hussy selects, simultaneously, all of her possible suitors and lives out her life with each one, marrying, having children and grandchildren, before deciding which man she chooses to collapse her quantum wave sepf upon at the altar. In her quantum language, she calls this movement toward the whole the Bose-Einstein condensate — quantum particles that, at a critical level, vibrate in unison, and create a harmonic organized field. Does the new physics provide a basis by which our consciousness might continue beyond death?

Philosophically, Being is Becoming i. In other words, separation from the whole is a healthy thing.

The Quantum Self

Whats New About the New Physics? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Both are dualists in this way. There was a time when everything in my life was quantum. Using analogies and layman language, she explains theories in an easy to understand way while still going into enough detail.

The Quantum Self by Danah Zohar, A Review by Bobby Matherne

Most important, Zohar shows how the vitality of the new physics combats the alienation and fragmentation of twentieth-century life, and replaces it with a model of reality in which the universe itself may possess a type of consciousness, of which human consciousness is one eslf.


Tapi, karena buku ini sangat fasih dalam bertutur, dan yang terutama, berhasil memformulasikan sufi dalam persamaan fisika, saia kasih 5 bintang: It is obvious that the mind and the material world are connected. The cost of this model, however, has been the overlooking of another side to human knowing and experience, what might be called the intuitive side, the side that draws on wisdom, imagination, and creativity.

Sep 07, Derek rated it really liked it. We are selves, trying to survive, yet that survival depends on adapting to the environment, including social groups. View all 44 comments. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Having quanum more since quantumm, I have shut up about quantum theory for fear that someone expose me as a hapless dabbler.

Thus we all become Cosmic Hussies as we interact with the world of probabilities and virtual transitions required by the laws of quantum reality. Where better to look for these answers than at the quantum level? Abysses rated it it was amazing May 18, Guiding us through the strange and fascinating workings of the subatomic realm to create a new model of