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Note the duplicate 3! For questions relating to heaps, assume min-heaps as in the book and our examples. Draw all complete binary search trees containing the six values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Written problems You can submit your written answers on paper or electronically; see instructions above. Next, apply the following recursive strategy for converting a portion of the vector with indices start. K-d Trees The programming problems on this exam involve K-d trees a data structure used to organize points in K dimensions. It can be seen that the following rules apply: If a program does not work completely, it would be helpful if you included comments that describe what aspects of your program do and don’t work.

Virtual University Of Pakistan: CS Handouts

If yes, in what order? You are welcome hamdouts try it out, but you’ll have to explain your findings – simply stating what happens is not enough. Note that some of the above rules are redundant.

This is not a programming course per se, indeed an underlying theme is that Computer Science is more than just programming. Play with the sample applet below or with this bigger version to get a feel for how the arrangement of points on the left corresponds to the hansouts on the right. If you have any questions about your preparedness, feel free to email me with a description of your background.


Tree drawing Include the drawings and answers to the following questions with your written submission.


Change the marked lines of code so that the red and blue lines extend all the way to the edges of the region, and also provide the correct values for these parameters in the recursive calls. Problems are programming problems; problems are written problems. You may not look at any code, except for the code examples from the course web page and the textbook.

Finding the smallest number in a skew heap of N integers Adding an new number to a complete heap of N integers Finding the largest number in a complete heap of N integers Finding the smallest number in a complete binary search tree containing N integers Finding the largest number in an arbitrary binary search tree containing Cw201 integers Checking whether a given number is contained in an AVL tree containing N integers Problem 7 [13]: This will give you a chance to mull things over sc201 to ask appropriate questions in any help sessions that we might schedule.

Introduction to Programming (CS201)

Assignments turned in after solutions have been published will not be accepted, even with a Dean’s excuse, although alternative make-up work may be authorized. Course Learning Outcomes At the end of the course, you should be able to: You cannot turn in the exam later than this time, and you cannot use one of your 24 h extensions.

Your browser does not appear to support applets. hadouts

A K-d tree is a binary search tree. For full credit you should write this method such that it performs a pre-order traversal though the actual order of traversal doesn’t matter since the vector will get sorted later anyway. Tree traversals The solution to the extra-credit problem on homework 6 used a queue to print out the nodes of a tree in level-order: Moving on through the concept of pointers and arrays, the course covers the essentials of the C programming language while staying away from object-oriented concepts.

  78M05 JRC PDF

CS – Introduction to Programing.

It can be seen that The left width of an empty tree is 0 The left width of a leaf is 1 The left width of a tree with a left child is the width of the child The right width is defined analogously. Some of the code is already given for you, in particular sorting of a portion of the vector; you have to fill in the rest.

You can also easily download your own version of GHC from haskell. Now, consider the children of the root node on level 1, which are y-nodes dark red.

Introduction to Programming – CS201 VU Video Lectures

After covering file-handling and unions and structures, the course will finally introduce the concept of classes and public and private members with an introduction to function overloading. You will find that Haskell is quite a bit different from other programming languages hnadouts you have used, but it is well suited to this course, and will hopefully expand your understanding of what a programming language is.

If you are stuck, definitely come see me — I can at least give general problem-solving advice. For the written problems, you have two options: Each node stores a 2D point x, ywhich serves as a “splitting point” for the remaining points in the subtrees. To draw a tree, we draw the circle for the root, and then each of the two subtrees below such that they touch bandouts vertical line through the center of the root circle from the left and the right, respectively.