The Ascent of Humanity is a radical exploration of the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the human sense of self. Eisenstein traces all of. Ascent The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. This book. The Ascent of. Humanity. Charles Eisenstein. Panenthea Press provide a link to the book website, Cover Painting: Turmbau .

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No trivia or quizzes yet. There are, in fact, two modes of cognition available to all human beings – the brain-based linear and the heart-based holistic. A mixed bag of a hmuanity. Would you stay in bed until noon, humanityy in front of the TV and descend into a vague never-ending spiral of indulgence? Addressing the pervasive longing for meaning and fulfillment in this time of crisis, Nature and the Human Soul introduces a visionary te of human development that reveals how fully and creatively we can mature when soul and wild nature guide us.

The situation is quite hopeless, from a rational standpoint. What are these tiny individual actions against the juggernaut of destruction that consumes oceans, trees, soil, and culture? Oct 26, Joslyn Dmello rated it it was amazing. In a time of social and ecological crisis, what can we as individuals do to make the world a better place?


The Ascent Of Humanity

Eisenstein’s clear-eyed perception of our problems and how we got here is heart-wrenching; it takes a brave soul to look so unflinchingly at the ugliness of humanity on planet earth.

Base your career decisions not on money, security or status but on what would I most love to give to the world. We are not just here, we are here for a purpose, young people know it most certainly: Death opens our hearts.

Michael Pollan Narrated by: Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. A personal brush with death, or even the passing of a loved one, connects us to a reality beyond the constructs of me and mine.

Charles Eisenstein on the Ascent Of Humanity

There are lots of things. Critic Reviews “Yale graduate, professor, speaker, and author, remove the letters ‘se’ from his surname and you have an idea just how brilliant a thinker Eisenstein is considered to be. Swap it for free.

Feb 29, Katy rated it it was amazing. Take your time and don’t push yourself through. You turn off the TV and go to the supermarket or drive to work or listen to the ballgame, and nothing has changed. May 17, Shelley Hartman rated it liked it.

Feb 02, Justin rated it it was amazing. Stop whatever you are reading now and find a copy.

The Ascent Of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein – Penguin Books Australia

Cold hard eisenetein has its place, but not as the prevaling dogmata of society, merely a segment of a mind, heart, soul almagamation. Eisenstein challenges your every belief. It is appropriate to be anxious until you know what the wrongness is.

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I believe that people only make that kind of shift in world view when they raise their level of consciousness. Charles Eisenstein Narrated by: Even in our darkest hour, Eisenstein sees the possibility of a more beautiful world–not through the extension of millennia-old methods of management and asfent but by fundamentally reimagining ourselves and our systems.

Like, should I fly to California to co-create a transformational event? Any person who considers him or herself enlightened, or wanting to become enlightened, should read this book. To help us recommend your next book, tell us what you enjoy reading. Author and visionary Charles Eisenstein reveals your intuition is telling the truth. I don’t want even a hint of gender essentialism in my books, thanks. It invalidates the logic of despair that so many activists have felt, that arises inescapably from the conception of ourselves as discrete and separate subjects in a world of other.

I can’t even begin to describe this book in a simple review, yet I would be honored to tell you about it in person. Nov 12, Brian Ishmai Naim rated it it was amazing.