Iron Shirt Chi Kung III – Bone Marrow Nei Kung. Bone Marrow Nei Kung cover A guide to nourishing the body through bone marrow rejuvenation exercises. Chi Kung: the Unconsciousness and Wonderment Dancing and Bone Chi.. him the Shao-Lin Method Untitled-1 Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant. His advice was awesome to start me off, but it had me really curious about Bone Marrow Nei Kung. I studied shaolin kungfu and taijichuan

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Bone Marrow Nei Kung.pdf

Internal Egg Exercise Step by Step During resting periods, the sensation of drawing in energy through the skin should be felt throughout the body. Rub towards the back of each duct with your index finger and use your thumb to rub towards the front. Lines of the Arms Squeeze the anus, and gently mrrow the perineum to prevent energy loss.

The first Hitting technique has two applications: Exhale, rest, and draw the energy up the spine. Draw warm energy into the cool fingertip.

Bone Breathing and Marrow Nei Kung – Daoist Discussion – The Dao Bums

Air is sipped in through the nose as the genitals, perineum and anus are contracted to draw Ching Chi up from the perineum into the higher centers. Bone Breathing and Bone Compression exemplify how this process was originally employed. This is perfectly reasonable in terms of spiritual growth because there narrow much to be learned in the world that we know. The second Hitting form improves the nervous system and the external aspects of the body as the skin detoxifies. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.


Shake your hands, fingers, and legs, and flex your spine. In the more advanced practice of the Sexual Energy Massage, it is also used to replenish and cultivate the blood-producing red marrow of the bones. Be aware of the energy as it enters into the tip of that finger only. Certainly we all maerow, but we have forgotten that we all have options as to how and when. By konchog umaOctober 24, in Daoist Discussion. Men should allow the testicles to hang loose over the edge.

If for some reason you should stop at this point, do not leave the energy in the head.

From this point on you will always breathe into the whole hand when you begin the exercise. Take a few, quick, short breaths by pulling your lower abdomen in and pushing marriw out Energizer Breathing until you are able to breathe normally. Otherwise, you will drain the energies of those around you as your needs become excessive.

As the egg is inserted into the vagina, the subsequent exertion used to move it within the vaginal canal increases the strength of the lower abdomen. Compressing the combined energies into the bones marroww eliminate fat.

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Apply this to the opposite foot. Chi Massage for the Vital Organs. They seemed hard, rigid, and dense, the very opposite of the qualities I was seeking to cultivate in myself through Tai Chi Chuan movements and meditation. If the bones of your parents or grandparents are buried near a disturbing environment with noise and traffic, or in a site with the wrong elemental balance of water, wind, mountain, etc.


Iron Shirt Chi Kung III – Bone Marrow NeiKung

Bone Breathing and Bone Compression confusion. Relax your muscles as you exhale. Suffice to say it nnei up to one’s choice of whether or not to take up the practice in this more esoteric part! The procedure should not kunv attempted until all of the massage techniques in Chapter Three have been thoroughly mastered.

If it helps you to become more aware of your index finger, press its tip with a fingernail from the other hand until you feel a sharp pain indicating the bone.

The Universal Tao is not and cannot be responsible for the consequences of any practice or misuse of the information in this book. Then inhale again, squeeze, hold the tension, and release. This practice is particularly important to use after the Sexual Energy Massage or Chi Weight Lifting to replenish the energy extracted from the genitals. One Marroww and Forearm Our spiritual inclinations, therefore, must eventually focus upon choosing wisely rather than searching bome.