The AT91MA is a member of the Atmel AT91 16/bit microcontroller family, which is based on the ARM7TDMI processor core. This processor has a. AT91MAAU Microchip Technology / Atmel ARM Microcontrollers – MCU LQFP IND TEMP datasheet, inventory, & pricing. AT91MACJ Microchip Technology / Atmel ARM Microcontrollers – MCU BGA IND TEMP datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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AT91MA – Microcontrollers and Processors – Microcontrollers and Processors

This Errata Sheet refers to: NWAIT is asserted before the first rising edge of the master clock and. NWAIT is sampled inactive and at least one standard datashwet state remains to. In other cases, the following erroneous behavior occurs: During write accesses of any type, the NWE rises on the rising edge of the. NWAIT assertion does affect the length of the total access.

MCKI rising” are generally higher than datashset half of a clock period. However, this is not sufficient except to per.


Word and write accesses require at least. The following waveforms further explain the issue: The EBI operations are.

In the following example, the number of standard wait states is two. Number of Standard Wait States is Two. These numbers refer to the standard access cycles. If the first two conditions are not met during a bit read access, the first bit data is read at the end of the standard.

Atmel AT91M55800A

In the following example, the number daatsheet standard waits is one. NWAIT assertions do affect both. NRD pulse lengths, but first data sampling is not delayed. The second data sampling is correct. Number of Standard Wait States is One. The following example illustrates the number of standard wait states.


NWAIT is not asserted during the first cycle, but. The access is correctly delayed as the NCS line rises. However, the NWE signal waveform is unchanged, and rises too early. Description of the Number of Standard Wait States.


Then, the user can write the final prescaler value.

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The battery supply voltage consumption is not guaranteed in the case of internal peripheral accesses. The user should minimally access the Advanced Peripheral Bus by using an interrupt-driven driver rather than polling.

San Jose, CA TEL 1 FAX 1 Route des Arsenaux Colorado Springs, CO aat91m55800a Atmel Smart Card ICs.

Scottish Enterprise Technology Park. Atmel Corporation makes no warranty for the use of its products, other than those expressly contained in the Company’s standard warranty. The Company assumes no responsibility for any errors.

No licenses to patents or other intellectual property of Atmel are granted.

Atmel’s products are not authorized for use as critical. Other terms and product.

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