AASHTO HDPE pipe comes in plain, perforated, and perforated wrap styles. All styles are corrugated high AASHTO M; Type C AASHTO M; Type C. Find the most up-to-date version of AASHTO M at Engineering AASHTO GFRPUL LRFD Bridge Design Guide Specifications for GFRP- Reinforced . AASHTO MUL Corrugated Polyethylene Drainage Pipe.

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Product Information ADS Dual Wall N drainage pipe, available with multiple joining systems, provides corrugated-pipe strength and smooth interior wall hydraulics for increased flow capacity, in a lifetime package.

N pipe is available in soil tight STwater tight WT and plain end, all of which offer joint options of bell and spigot design, gasket, bell wrap or pressure-rated Saves money on installation costs due to its foot lengths and light weight for easier handling and transport.


Introduced indual wall N pipe, with its smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength.

Find a Rep Country: Features an integral bell and dual-gasket spigot for a superior watertight connection.

Eagle Corr PE Dual Wall pipe is available with a full line of standard and custom fittings in either a soil-tight or aahto It features a corrugated exterior for structural strength and smooth interior for maximum hydraulic efficiency.

ADS’ LU 2 lb. Use the form below to send us your comments or questions: Is made from HDPE, one of the most chemically inert plastics, and is extremely resistant to corrosion, as well as abrasion, gouging and scratching.

Eagle Corr PE (Single Wall)

Select Market Agriculture Construction. N Dual Wall Specifications.

Features dual crown corrugation for greater pipe stiffness values Is expected to significantly exceed years of design service life. Corrugated, smooth interior, high-density polyethylene HDPE pipe Introduced indual wall Aashti pipe, with its smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength.


Features Smooth interior with a Manning’s value of 0. Eagle Corr PE pipe is available in 4-inch to inch diameters and is suitable for use in gravity flow drainage applications.

N® Dual – HDPE Drainage Pipe | Drainage Pipes from ADS

We want to hear from you. Storm Installation Guide, Skip to main content. Built using application-specific high-density polyethylene, dual wall N corrugated pipe also provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Its superior strength-to-weight ratio and flexible conduit design mean it will support H live loads with a minimum cover of 1 foot, while allowing for cover heights in excess of feet. It is typically used for: Water Management Product Catalog