A Sombra do Vento (Portuguese Edition) [Carlos Ruiz Zafón] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edição Especial dos três primeiros livros da . Sombra do Vento, A [Carlos Ruiz Zafon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Sombra do Vento (Portuguese Edition) [Carlos Ruiz Zafón] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mais de 25 MILHÕES de leitores. A Sombra .

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A Sombra do Vento

View all 4 comments. View all 83 comments. Just di this and you’d know what I mean: Open Preview See a Problem? You have to go for it.

As the story went, leading me to the cradle of all the evil, I was shocked more and more by the cruelty of the most professional monsters — humans. Surprisingly, its first page inexplicably thrilled me with words I’ve never read before: One thing I’ve always appreciated venro books written about environments other than my own is the author’s ability to conjure up their homeland in my mind’s eye.

A Sombra Do Vento

I hope I’ve had this book on my mountainous To-Read list for well over three years. Julian had once told me that a story is a letter the author writes to himself, to tell himself things that he would be unable to discover otherwise.

There is a love of books at the centre and libraries and so a bibliophile is going to be attracted to it. This allows Zafon to slowly build up the mystery surrounding Carax and allows the readers to see how Daniel’s view of the mystery changes as he ages as well as his outlook on life.

A Sombra do Vento by Carlos Ruiz Zafón (4 star ratings)

Waiting is the rust of the soul’ p. The Story It’s a story about Books Wholeheartedly recommended, The Shadow of the Wind is an exciting and intelligent read. Pay attention to me.

I hope you wouldn’t take it the wrong way if I were to ask if you might have copies of Carax’s books, and say, if I were to humbly request that you publish them in English post-haste and then send me review copies? The crlos were well-described and interesting to follow. All the same, the book picks up quickly and comes to an exciting conclusion even if a twist represents the only outright lazy bit of writing carloa the whole book.


But the narrate came with too much descriptions and details that most of it have a minor relation to the main story. This leads to some very rich moments for characters as they must make difficult decisions about what actions they could take and the consequences that could fall on themselves and their loved ones.

Mohammed Arabey from 14 December To 22 December To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

View all 15 comments. What is interesting is that the mystery of Carax doesn’t dominate Daniel’s life at all.

It is set in Barcelona in the s and s; but there is a story within the story that goes back to the s and s. The characters that surround him are also excellent. The Shadow of the Wind may not be a great book, but it is certainly a good book.

This is a lush and poetic tale that speaks of the power that books can have over the lives of their readers, as well as the triumph and devastation caused by a star-crossed love that must, but can not, be forgotten. I loved the tone, atmosphere, and setting of this novel. To sum up it was an unforgettable walk through the streets of Barcelona.

No, not really, maybe melancholic a little bit, but sweet. Middle – City of Shadows. The atmosphere is built on a classic Gothic setting. It’s a story about the Soul of Books Spain Barcelona, Catalonia Spain. Was it a cliffhanger? This makes for a fascinating setting because there is an air of the police state about without the hope of it being gallantly smashed by our dashing heroes. Return to Book Page.


Narrated by a young Daniel Sempere, it chronicles his transformation from a child to a young man in a Francoist post-war Spain, his loves and obsessions, his brushes with the world of mysteries and reality – both of these worlds equally dangerous and fascinating.

All in all the story was engaging with lots of memorable characters, a unique, fascinating setting, and a very engaging mystery wrapped in a coming of age story with some poignant and well worded prose. View all 12 comments. I enjoyed the journey of hitching a ride with Daniel as he figured it out for himself. These help our reading pleasurable, chronologically, we don’t have to endure endlessly like travelling in a literary labyrinth.

In his search, he carkos discovers the tragedy that is Julian Carax and caelos mystery that is Lain Coubert. And destiny seems to reach in with its meddling hand and place things in necessary to it order. This was heartachingly beautiful Los personajes Los libros son espejos: And yet, this novel has mood; it has a lush, Gabriel Garcia Marquez-meets-up-with-Stephen King-to-co-author-a-book-for-a-night feel.

Whatever ventto was, it was enough to make me lose myself completely in the rich setting of midth century Barcelona, in the world of seductive dangerous power of literature and perils and passions of young love, and the contrasts of idealistic innocence with the weariness of experience, all against the rich tapestry of the city full of beauty and secrets and vividness, all told in a lavish idiomatic language that makes you forget you’re reading a translation.

It gets under your skin and steals your soul without you knowing it.