Shop for the Rosemount Series Level Transmitter and other Level Transmitters at Range: feet from flange; Accuracy: ± inch (); ± in . (). Radar Level Gauge Userds manual details for FCC ID K8C made by Rosemount Tank Radar AB. Document Includes User Manual. Rosemount *, High Frequency. Transmitter (~ 26 GHz). (Not yet available). The availability of two frequencies allows the user to choose the model that will.

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About Non-Contacting Radar

Beam angle Beam angle Antenna size 1. Weight Transmitter Head TH: SST cable gland is rosemoknt in delivery. The user guide for level projects within the power and steam generation industry. To be used if there are irregularities in the nozzle.

Rosemount Level Transmitter – Non-Contacting Radar | Emerson AU

These Engineered Solutions are part of the expanded offerings and may be subject to additional delivery lead time. Tri Clamp 3 in. For applications with solid materials and long ranges the parabolic antenna which provides a very focused beam is a good choice. Output units Roaemount and distance: Factory sealed Antennas Yes Cone, process seal, parabolic and rod antenna.

If required, order an oversized antenna and cut on location H. Certificate includes all metallic pressure retaining wetted parts. Emerson is where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a world in action.


The hub identifies and auto-addresses the different field devices in the network, manages communication, and supervises the status of all connected devices. EN flanges EN 1. It also assures maximum antenna 55402.

LCD display readable in: All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. Connect a hose to the purge connection for cleaning.

Innovations such as Dual Port Technology, which ensures a strong signal back to the transmitter, advanced surface tracking and condensation-resistant antennas make the product suitable for even demanding applications.

Typical media to use is air.

Material exposed to tank atmosphere Cone antenna: Contact your local Emerson representative for more information. Emerson Process Management has released a version of its Rosemount series of non-contacting radar level transmitters aimed specifically at demanding bulk solids level measurement applications. Operating range SST Cone antenna and protective plate cone antenna 1: The higher it is, the stronger the reflection of the microwaves will be.

We have developed products using advanced radar technology sinceand our continuous improvement approach has resulted in radar transmitters designed to meet future needs today.


The display also shows diagnostics and error information.

Emerson Rosemount 2-wire non-contacting radar transmitter

Dimensions are in inches mm. Applications with sticky, viscous, corrosive, condensing, and crystallizing product. The measurement difficulties caused by high filling rates are met by increased sensitivity and echo traceability. The antenna can be recessed in smooth nozzles up rrosemount 6 ft 2 m.

Rosemount with Rod Antenna Model Code: It measures the level top down and is therefore unaffected by most fluid property changes, like density and viscosity.

Radar Parts

Vacuum gives no reflection at all and has a dielectric constant of 1. Approval valid for the ships intended to be granted with the following additional class notations: Easy to install and commission, it’s also unaffected by virtually any fluid property change.

For solid materials the cone antenna could also be a good option. The markings must be suitable for the area classification, gas, and temperature class. I am interested in Rosemount radar level transmitter for bulk solids. Ii Ii IC Markings: